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Mother hangs 2 daughters and herself because she was too poor to care for them

By Tanya Clark 3:22 AM January 30, 2018

A girl was able to escape her mother’s attempt to kill her but her sisters were not so lucky.

Police were called to the scene of a murder-suicide after young girls were found hanging from a tree.

The incident unfolded in a village in Assam, India.

According to neighbors, the mother used a rope to hang her three young daughters from a tree in a forest near their house.

The mother who was identified as Chaniyaka then hanged herself in the same area.

One girl, who was identified as Jhuma, managed to untie the knot from the rope that was around her neck.

She escaped and called for help. However, by the time help arrived, Chaniyaka and 2 of her daughters were no longer alive.

Police did not yet officially release a motive for the murder-suicide but neighbors believe that the mother killed herself and her children because she was very poor and was unable to feed her children.