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Mother horrified as children ate chocolate infested with maggots she received from supermarket as apology for waiting too long for her order

By Tanya Clark 11:34 AM January 3, 2018
Maggots crawling on chocolate

A mother of the United Kingdom was horrified to find maggots crawling on chocolates, which she received as a gift from a supermarket.

37-year-old Gabriella Ortutai-Hughes of North Kensington said that she went to Morrisons to get food for herself and children.

After waiting about two hours, Ortutai-Hughes was told that the supermarket would be unable to fulfill her entire order.

As an apology, the mother of several children was given a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates.

She wasn’t too happy about it but her children loved the idea of getting free chocolate.

At home, her children opened the box of chocolate and began eating the sweet.

Suddenly, one of her children noticed something crawling on one of the pieces of chocolate.

When Ortutai-Hughes looked closer, she noticed the box was infested with maggots.

The woman took a video of the infested box of chocolates and posted it on Morrisons’ Facebook page.

Morrisons apologized for the incident and asked the woman to return the box of chocolate so that they could investigate the matter.