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Mother leave toddler alone in car while she was in court for custody hearing

By Emily Lewis 8:14 AM January 11, 2018
Suanne Barefield

A woman who was in court in order to make sure she gets to be the full-time carer of her daughter lost custody after she left the toddler alone in a car.

Police in West Virginia said that two officers walked past a car in the Shamblin Parking garage on Virginia Street East in Charleston when they noticed a child alone inside.

The vehicle was unlocked and running while the 1-year-old girl was left all alone.

According to the police report, the mother, 27-year-old Suanne Barefield, left the child alone for 30 minutes while she was awaiting her court hearing.

Child and family services was called to the scene and they took custody of the toddler.

Police said that the child was at risk of suffering hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning or get kidnapped.

Barefield is facing a charge of child neglect creating a risk of injury or death.