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Mother and son run prostitution ring

By William Martin 3:18 AM January 30, 2018
David Romesburg and Fay Romesburg

A mother and her son were arrested after being accused of running a prostitution ring.

The manager of an apartment complex in Rohnert Park, California, spoke to police about his concern over questionable activity going on in one of the apartments.

The manager and a neighbor told police that men were constantly coming and going from one of the apartments.

Police found an online ad that offered massage services in Rohnert Park. The ad stated that the services, such as nude massages and “upgrades,” were available.

An undercover officer made an appointment and was directed to the home, where the manager suspected prostitution was taking place.

There, a 19-year-old woman offered the undercover officer sexual services. The prostitute was taken into custody.

Based on the investigation, police arrested 59-year-old Fay Romesburg and her son, 37-year-old David Romesburg, who lived with her in Santa Rosa.

The mother and son were both facing charges of pimping and pandering. David is facing an additional charge of human trafficking.

The mother is being held on $245,000 bail while her son is being held on $250,000 bail.