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Mother suffers severe burns after son deliberately set fire to sofa she was sitting on

By William Martin 6:21 AM January 2, 2018
Louis Velazquez

A mother was rushed to a hospital with severe burns to her body while her son was arrested for causing her injuries.

The family is grateful that the woman is alive after their home was set on fire while they were inside.

Michael Vasquez of Texas said that he is in shock over the allegations that his nephew, 25-year-old Louis Vasquez-Velazquez, deliberately set a couch on fire while his mother was sitting on it.

Darlene Vasquez suffered burns on 30 percent of her body but was able to escape from a window along with her husband, her teenage son, and their son’s friend.

Darlene was taken to Memorial Hermann in Houston, where she is being treated.

Police located Louis at a nearby convenience store, where he was arrested.

Police are still investigating the motive behind the cowardly act.