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Muslim cleric beats 8-year-old student to death because he ran away from religious school

By Alexis Bell 1:17 PM January 22, 2018
Muslim student (illustration)

A young child was brutally murdered by a teacher after running away from religious school, according to police in Pakistan.

Bin Qasim police said that they have arrested Mullah Qari Najmuddin for killing 8-year-old Muhammad Hussain.

The leader of the religious school has been charged with murder and violence.

He was booked into jail and is being held without bail.

According to the police investigation, Hussain attended the religious school of the suspect.

On Sunday, Hussain ran away.

The suspect called the boy’s parents and told them that Hussain disappeared.

Hussain’s father tracked him down and dragged him back to school.

The cleric grabbed a stick and beat the boy for running away from school.

Hussain suffered injuries all over his body.

The boy was rushed to the hospital after falling unconscious.

He later died of his injuries.

Doctors called the police to say that they saw signs of torture on Hussain’s body.

As police handcuffed Najmuddin, the boy’s parents pardoned the suspect.

The parents also refused to allow an autopsy, and therefore, the exact cause of death will not be known.

Prosecutors plan to pursue charges against Najmuddin despite the pardon as corporal punishment was made is illegal last year.