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Naked man covered in feces breaks into home and slits his own throat in front of 4 kids while he was high on drugs

By William Martin 8:12 AM January 1, 2018
Danny Hollis

A man who smoked drugs had a psychotic episode and suffered injuries.

35-year-old Danny Hollis, Jr. of Tennessee told police that he smoked wasp, which is a mixture of meth and crystallized bug spray.

Lt. Melinda Brewer said that this caused him to have a psychotic episode. Hollis then terrorized an innocent family in their own home and injured himself.

Police were called to the home at around 7:00 p.m. after Hollis, who was naked and covered in feces, broke into the stranger’s home and sat down at the dinner table with a mother and her 4 children.

Hollis became more paranoid because the family’s dog was looking at him. He grabbed a knife and slit his own throat.

He then banged his head on a glass door, ran upstairs, and jumped out a window, injuring himself. He took off running, and as police arrived, he climbed up a tree.

He fell out of the tree and landed on barb wires, which cut him “to pieces on top of everything else he got going on,” Brewer said.

After running away from police again, he fell on the pavement and injured his skull. Police and emergency workers were finally able to get the delusional man onto a stretcher. They secured him tightly and took him to a hospital.

Hollies later told police that he does not remember any part of his bizarre behavior.