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New York police officer asks woman to show him her 36DD breasts in exchange for not arresting her on drug possession charge

By William Martin 11:48 AM January 7, 2018
Jasmine Campbell

A young woman from New York filed a lawsuit after a police officer allegedly asked her to lift up her shirt and show him her huge breasts, according to court documents.

25-year-old Jasmine Campbell of Brooklyn said that she is being harassed by police officers all the time because they want to see her 36DD breasts.

In one incident, she and her friend were driving when Officer Javier Munoz pulled them over.

Munoz ordered Campbell to get out of her car with her hands up in the air.

After following the officer’s instructions, Munoz asked Campbell whether she wanted to give him a hug.

Campbell declined.

Munoz then asked her whether she would lift her shirt and show him her breasts in exchange for not getting arrested.

When Campbell said “no,” Munoz arrested her.

Campbell was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, and criminal possession of marijuana.

The charges were later dropped by the District Attorney’s Office.

Campbell filed a lawsuit against the city, the police officer, and the police department.

She is demanding $2 million for her trouble.

Munoz and the City of New York have denied any wrongdoing.

However, the city offered the woman $2,500 but she rejected the money.