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Nurse takes photos of unconscious coworker’s private parts during surgery and shows images to other employees

By Mason White 8:12 AM January 5, 2018
Sheila Harosky

A hospital employee is fuming after a coworker took photos of her private parts while she was undergoing surgery, according to court documents in Pennsylvania.

45-year-old Sheila Harosky and her husband Jeff filed a lawsuit against the Washington Hospital at the Washington County Court.

They are demanding $75,000 in damages after Harosky claimed she was fired for reporting the incident.

According to the lawsuit, Harosky worked at the hospital as a secretary for 15 years.

When she was diagnosed with a hernia, she elected to undergo surgery at the hospital.

While she was lying unconscious on the operating table, a nurse took photos of her private parts.

She then showed her to several coworkers.

After Harosky came back to work following medical leave, the nurse showed her the photos.

Harosky was horrified to see the photos her exposed private parts.

When she filed a complaint with the human resources department, Harosky was fired.

The hospital denied Harosky’s claims, saying that she was a willing participant.

They also said that Harosky was fired after rejecting the terms offered to her when she returned from medical leave.

The hospital did terminate the employee who took the photos of Harosky because she violated the rules against using a cell phone in an operating room.