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Nurses record themselves laughing while squashing newborn baby’s face

By Emily Lewis 11:33 AM January 7, 2018
The baby

A group of nurses were fired from their jobs thanks to a video they recorded.

The nurses were recorded laughing while crushing the face of a newborn baby who was hospitalized with an infection.

When the video went viral on social media, the parents recognized the victim as their child and they reported the abuse to the authorities.

The video shows one of the nurses holding the baby by the neck and forehead and repeatedly squashing the face while her colleagues laughed.

Official tracked down the nurses. They were staff members in a hospital maternity ward in Taif, Saudi Arabia.

“The Health Affairs investigated the source of the video and was able to identify the nurses and the hospital where the incident took place,” Taif Health Affairs spokesperson Abdulhadi Al-Rabie said.

All 3 nurses were fired.