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Owner of online retail company travels 500 miles to beat up woman who left bad review on website

By Mason White 12:42 PM January 10, 2018
Zhang attacking Xiao Li

The owner of a retail company traveled for many hours to beat up a woman because she left a bad review on his website, according to police in China.

Zhengzhou police confirmed that they are investigating the incident after surveillance cameras recorded the website owner beating his customer on the street.

The incident began when Xiao Li bought an item for sale on the retail website owned by Zhang.

The item arrived 4 days after the promised delivery date.

As a result, Li left a negative review on Zhang’s website.

Zhang was not amused and contacted Li.

Zhang asked Li to remove the negative review, and when she refused, he asked to meet her in person to talk about the issue.

Zhang traveled 500 miles to meet the woman in the street.

Surveillance cameras showed how Zhang approached Li and grabbed her cell phone.

He then slapped her several times and threw her to the ground.

Zhang then fled the scene.

Li later uploaded photos of herself, showing how she suffered bumps and bruises as a result of the attack.