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Parents allow 16-year-old son to marry 34-year-old teacher after having sexual relationship

By Mason White 11:59 AM January 4, 2018
Cassandra White

A teacher had lost her job after filing for a marriage license along with a 16-year-old student, according to police in Oklahoma.

Davis Police said that they have launched an investigation against 34-year-old Cassandra Renae White after being accused of having sex with the 16-year-old boy.

Police said that she could be charged with rape if investigators determine that they had sex while White and the boy were at the same school.

The Davis High School released a statement, saying that they have fired the English teacher after learning about the allegations.

White recently filed for the marriage license in Cleveland County.

She paid the $50 fee and records show that the boy’s parents gave their consent to the marriage.

The father spoke out publicly about the case.

He said that he was really upset to hear about his son’s relationship with White but he had no choice but to give his consent because the student wanted him to.