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Passenger performed sex acts on her seatmate while he groped her during entire flight

By Tanya Clark 12:49 PM January 30, 2018
Teresa Kohn and Tyler Boehm

The passengers on a flight from Nevada to Minnesota were disgusted by the actions of a man and a woman who were all over each other for hours, according to police in Minnesota.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Police said that they have arrested Teresa M. Kohn, 43, of Spring Valley, and Tyler V. Boehm, 41, of Stewartville, for their lewd behavior on the Sun Country flight from Las Vegas to the Twin Cities on Wednesday.

The two were charged with engaging in gross lewdness or lascivious behavior.

According to passengers who were on board the plane, Kohn became belligerent and bearded flight attendants at the Las Vegas airport.

She demanded beer but was denied as she appeared to be intoxicated.

Passengers told the police that they saw Kohn drinking from what appeared to be a whiskey bottle.

During the flight, Boehm kept groping Kohn all over her body.

Kohn then performed sex acts on Boehm.

At some point, Kohn placed her head under a blanket in between Boehm’s legs.

She then performed sex acts in full view of other passengers.

The passengers told the police that the sex acts continued for at least 15 minutes but Kohn said it lasted just a few seconds.

Kohn said that this was all a joke in order to join the mile high club.

The sex acts continued until flight attendants took away her blanket.

Kohn stood up on her seat and yelled at the flight attendants, threatening to file complaints and take away their jobs.