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Pastor arrested over the murder of his pregnant lover along with 2 female witnesses and child

By Alexis Bell 8:18 AM January 15, 2018
Mother and child (illustration)

Police were called after three women and a child went missing after visiting a church.

Joseph Ezenwa of Nigeria said that his wife Concilia, daughter Somto, and two of his wife’s friends went missing after they went to see a pastor.

According to police, Senior Pastor Chidiebere Okoroafor impregnated Olumma Onweagba, who was a member of his church choir.

The pastor pressured Onweagba to have an abortion but she refused.

Ezenwa said that the pastor invited Onweagba to discuss the pregnancy. She decided to take her 2 friends along for support.

Ezenwa said that the pregnant woman thought that if she took along two mature women and a baby, the pastor will not harm her.

Sadly, her plan backfired when the pastor and his accomplices killed all 3 women and the baby. They dumped the bodies and they were later found decomposing.

Rivers State Police Command Nnamdi Omoni confirmed that Pastor Okoroafor and his accomplices have been arrested on charges of murder.