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Police officer caught breaking surveillance camera at innocent man’s home after mistaking him for wanted suspect

By Emily Lewis 1:11 PM January 22, 2018
The officer disconnecting the surveillance camera

A man in Florida is speaking out about the injustice done to him after an officer ripped the wires on his surveillance cameras outside his home.

The man said that he installed surveillance cameras outside his home a few weeks ago after his home was burglarized.

The victim received a call at work from a neighbor who informed him that police officers were at his home.

When the man arrived, he watched his surveillance video and saw a police officer ripping out the wires of his home surveillance system in an apparent attempt to stop it from recording the interactions with an assumed suspect.

Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey said that they received a tip about a man that matched the description of a suspect wanted for felony grand theft.

Officers were informed that there may be guns in the home, Currey said.

They went to the man’s home and knocked on the door before breaking his surveillance cameras. Police soon discovered that the man was not their suspect. He only looked like the man they had been looking for.

Currey said that he stands behind his officers’ actions. He claims that the officers did what they felt was necessary for their safety and they conducted their duties in a legal way.

Currey added that if the man would have reached out to them about the broken surveillance cameras, he would have been reimbursed for the damage done to it.