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Police officer solves deadly hit and run accident and turns in his younger brother

By Alexis Bell 4:46 AM January 7, 2018
Cody Sanders

A police officer is seen as a hero after he placed his promise to protect and serve the community above his brother.

Police in California were called after the body of 33-year-old Kong Yang was found in bushes in the median of a road.

Officers worked through the night to gather evidence, clear the scene, and solve the case.

When the officers arrived for their morning shift, they were briefed about the deadly accident and they were giving all the information available at the time.

Police said that Yang had crossed the roadway but not in the crosswalk. He was then hit during the night. The driver who hit him did not stop and he did not call the police.

One officer who heard details of the crime scene called his brother Cody Sanders and asked if he was involved in an accident.

Sanders, who is a security guard at a bar, said that he hit something and thought it was either a dog or a sign.

He exited his car but saw nothing so he drove off. The officer persuaded his brother to turn himself in for leaving the scene of an accident without notifying police.

Sanders took his brother’s advice and went to the police. He is facing one count of felony hit and run.