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Police shut down dating websites after robots posed as sexy girls and conned men into giving them $150 million

By William Martin 12:29 PM January 9, 2018
Police shut down fraudulent dating website

Numerous dating websites and apps have been shut down by police following an investigation that revealed fraudulent activity, according to police in China.

Guangdong police said that they have arrested 600 people after they used computer programs to pose as sexy girls to con men into giving them more than $150 million.

A total of 21 companies have been ordered to cease operations as part of the criminal probe.

According to the police investigation, the dating websites used computer programs to pose as sexy girls.

The robots then sent explicit messages to men who signed up for accounts, leading them to believe that they found love.

The robots then asked for money and gifts to continue the conversations.

The crimes came to light after registered users of one dating website filed complaints with the police after being conned into paying to watch for porn videos, which they were never allowed to see.

In total, the robots generated $154 million in illegal profits.

Police believe that there are more than 1 million victims of this elaborate “sexy girls” robots scam.