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Prison inmate bit off his own fingers after health care provider refused to give him correct pain medication

By Mason White 1:26 PM January 16, 2018
Fingers (illustration)

A prison inmate filed a lawsuit against Arizona and a health care provider after he was forced to chew off his own fingers in an attempt to relieve his excruciating pain, according to documents filed in federal court.

The prison inmate, who was not identified, claimed that Corizon Correctional Healthcare refused to give him the correct pain medication to relieve his pain.

The inmate gets around in a wheelchair.

He told correctional officers that he would rather kill himself than suffer such excruciating pain.

The only reason he wants to stay alive because he has a daughter who is waiting for him to get out of prison.

He was able to chew off three of his fingers because the pain was so bad it made everything else seem insignificant, according to court documents.

The prisoner keeps a photo of his daughter above his bed to keep him going.

Judge David Duncan lashed out at Richard Pratt, who is health director for Arizona prisons, and asked him how he could sleep at night when prisoners are not getting basic healthcare.

Pratt replied that he relied on Corizon Correctional Healthcare to treat prisoners.

Corizon Correctional Healthcare said in a statement that they are providing constitutionally mandated healthcare to all prisoners.