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Prostitute sold her body just 30 minutes after giving birth

By Alexis Bell 11:31 AM January 3, 2018
Prostitute (illustration)

A police officer in the United Kingdom who helped sex workers revealed that a prostitute was back out on the street to sell her body just 30 minutes after giving birth.

Jacqui Fairbanks of Hull works as a Police Community Support Officer.

Part of her job is to help sex workers selling their bodies in the area of Hessle Road.

Over the years, the police officer has encountered numerous prostitutes.

Fairbanks said that most of them have suffered child abuse and some have mental disabilities.

Most prostitutes sell their bodies in order to raise money for their next drug fix, leaving them hungry and exhausted.

One prostitute recently told Fairbanks that within 30 minutes of giving birth to her child, she was back on the street to sell her body.

The biggest issue facing Fairbanks is that some women refuse to get help as they love the attention they get from men.

Selling sex is legal in the United Kingdom.

However, the transaction cannot take place in public.