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Rapper with songs “Sell Drugsz” and “Feds Watching” jailed for selling drugs

By Tanya Clark 4:22 AM January 12, 2018
Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz

A rapper who was looking for fame became famous for the wrong reasons.

30-year-old Michael Persaud of Johnston, Rhode Island, who is known by the stage name Montana Millz, was jailed on drug charges.

The aspiring rapper who has songs called “Armed And Dangerous,” “Feds Watching,” and “Sell Drugsz,” was arrested twice for doing just that.

Prosecutors in Providence were seeking a sentence of 6 years in prison after an undercover officer bought small amounts of fentanyl and heroin from Persaud on several occasions during their 4-month investigation.

However, instead of the 6 years, a judge ordered Persaud to serve 3 years in prison, a sentence which his attorney Matthew Smith called “fair and just.”

Persaud is not out of trouble yet. He is still awaiting sentencing for another case in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, where a jury convicted him of drug charges.