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Restaurant owner shot toothpicks into employee’s face and burned his behind with boiling water

By William Martin 1:32 PM January 16, 2018
Toothpicks (illustration)

A restaurant owner and his wife severely abused one of his employees over a period of several months until he resigned, according to police in Japan.

Osaka police said that they have arrested 42-year-old Masao Mukai, his 26-year-old wife, and a 25-year-old manager after being accused of torturing the 35-year-old employee.

The three suspects have been charged with assault and causing bodily injury.

According to the police investigation, Mukai owned and operated the Yakiniku GyuuGyuu restaurant, where he sold grilled meat.

The first incident unfolded several months ago.

The three suspects tied up the victim and hit him in the face with a piece of wood.

On a separate occasion, the three suspects tied up the victim and poured hot water on his behind.

On a third occasion, the victim was tied up and a tissue was shoved up his nose.

The tissue was then set on fire.

On the fourth occasion, the victim was tied up after which the suspects used a toy crossbow to shoot toothpicks into the employee’s face.

Following the latest incident of abuse, the employee resigned from his job.

The victim’s family later called the police to report the abuse.

Police seized Mukai’s cell phone, where they found photos of the suspects abusing the victim.

One photo showed the victim with toothpicks sticking out of his face.