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Southwest Airlines bans parents with 2 young girls from flight to Disneyland after falsely accusing them of having head lice

By Emily Lewis 12:06 PM January 1, 2018
Disneyland (illustration)

Two young girls of Illinois were very disappointed after an airline banned them from flying to Disneyland in California.

J Newman of Chicago said that his wife and two daughters, who are 4 and 6-years-old, were excited about their trip to Disneyland.

On Friday afternoon, as the family was preparing to board their Southwest Airlines flight to Santa Ana, Newman’s wife noticed something on her daughter’s hair.

The mother carefully removed the spec from her daughter’s hair and they made them themselves ready to get on the plane.

However, a Southwest Airlines’ employee approached the family and told them that they were not allowed to board the plane.

The Newmans were notified that several passengers complained that the girls suffered from head lice, which is highly contagious.

Newman denied the allegations, saying that his wife just removed a spec from her daughter’s hair and it was definitely not head lice.

Newman’s pleas did not help and Southwest Airlines refused to reconsider their decision.

Newman said that his daughters were really disappointed as there was no other flight for the following two days, meaning that they were no longer able to get to Disneyland.

What makes it worse, the girls feel that it was all their fault, Newman said.