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Speeding train kills 8 months pregnant mother after she bought ticket on lied down on the tracks

By Emily Lewis 7:08 AM January 18, 2018
Zdenka Yabani with her family

A husband in the United Kingdom was left broken-hearted after his wife and mother of his children committed suicide.

Senior Berkshire coroner Peter Bedford opened the inquest into the death of the 8 months pregnant mother of 2 children.

Police said that 39-year-old Zdenka Yabani bought a train ticket at the Slough railway station in Berkshire at 9:30 a.m.

She went towards the platform and climbed down onto the tracks. She then lied down in front of a speeding train, according to police.

The mother and her unborn baby were pronounced dead. Police have not released a motive for the suicide.

The tragedy took place just half a mile away from the church where she lived with her husband Jude Delali Yabani, 39, and their 2 children.

According to his Facebook page, Jude was a minister at the church.