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Stupid thief leaves behind his pay stub in stolen car

By Tanya Clark 11:13 AM January 28, 2018
Man breaking into car (illustration)

A car thief made it extremely easy for police to identify him by leaving behind a pay stub in the vehicle, according to police in Tennessee.

Memphis police said that they have received the pay stub from the car owner and are currently working to secure an arrest warrant.

Corey Sprague said that it all began when he stopped at the gas station on Covington Pike to buy cigarettes.

Sprague admitted that he foolishly left his car keys in the ignition while he went to the gas station convenience store.

Suddenly another car pulled up behind his vehicle and a man jumped out from the back seat.

The man got into his car and sped away from the scene.

Sprague called the police who eventually found the vehicle abandoned on the side of the road.

The car was taken to the impound lot and Sprague was noticed that he could pick up his vehicle.

When Sprague got into his vehicle he was shocked to see a pay stub lying on the front seat.

Apparently, the thief accidentally left his pay stub behind.

Sprague called the police back and handed them over the pay stub.

He hopes that the thief will quickly be arrested and jailed.

So far, no arrests have been made.