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Taxi driver agreed to record teenager’s suicide at bridge for Facebook Live after she paid him to do so

By Alexis Bell 8:00 AM January 11, 2018
Nittaya Sawasdiwan

A taxi driver was taken in for questioning by police after he recorded a suicide and he did not help a distraught teen.

According to police in Thailand, the teenager ordered a taxi and asked to be taken to the bridge, where she wanted to record a video.

The driver, Pataradanai Noomsrinart, took 18-year-old Nittaya Sawasdiwan to the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

Sawasdiwan asked the driver if he could record her at the bride. In addition to the fare, the teen paid the driver about $15 for his time to record the Facebook Live video.

Sawasdiwan handed the driver her phone and he recorded her.

Music was playing in the background as the driver was recording Sawasdiwan removing her shoes and socks, drinking alcohol, and climbing on top of the barrier at the bridge.

The driver did not stop her at any point and he continued to record until she jumped into the water.

That is when Noomsrinart called the police. The body was found 2 days later by marine and police divers.

The driver claimed that the girl asked him to record the atmosphere on the bridge and that he had no idea she was planning to commit suicide.

Despite his claims, authorities said Noomsrinart could face charges for failing to help a person in danger.

Nittaya Sawasdiwan sitting on the barrier at the bridge