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Taxi driver picked up women before driving them to remote location where he and his brother raped them

By Alexis Bell 4:26 AM January 12, 2018
Jibunor and Paul Nkoenye

A taxi driver used his job to rape and rob women who were in his car.

Police in Nigeria arrested two brothers after they were accused of raping several women.

The Ogun State Police Command said that a woman called them to report that she was raped and robbed by a taxi driver and 2 other men.

The woman of Lagos said that the taxi driver arrived with two other men in his vehicle. He then drove her to a remote area instead of dropping her off at the requested location.

The driver then stopped the car and all three men gang-raped her before taking her possessions.

Officers searched the area and located the two brothers, 28-year-old Nkoenye Jibunor and Paul, 23.

The third suspect managed to escape, police said.

Police said that they located property such as a necklace, phone, and wristwatch that was stolen from the victim in the brothers’ house.

Officers soon linked the brothers to several unsolved rape cases. They are now facing charges of serial rape and robbery.