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Teacher arrested after her 17-year-old son sexually assaulted a drunk teen during underage drinking party

By Alexis Bell 3:59 AM January 16, 2018
Kristi Crawford and Jacob Crawford

A mother and her teenage son were arrested over an underage drinking party, which allegedly led to a sexual assault.

46-year-old Kristi Crawford of Texas and her son Jacob Crawford, 17, were arrested after police learned about the party that took place at their home.

Kristi, a 10th-grade algebra teacher at the Wylie East High School, was charged with furnishing alcohol to minors.
Her son faces charges of sexual assault on a child.

Kristi was placed on paid leave from her job pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. Her son, who a student at the school, is facing disciplinary action.

Defense attorney Todd Shapiro said that Kristi did not buy the alcohol for the teens but for a party she was planning for adults.

The attorney claimed that when Kristi went to work at her second job, her son Jacob invited some teenagers to the home and allowed the kids to drink the alcohol.

At some point, Jacob had sex with another teen at the party. The victim filed a sexual assault complaint with police.

An attorney for Jacob said that the encounter between the teens was consensual, but according to state law, a person who is intoxicated cannot legally give consent.