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Teen broke into woman’s barn and had sex with horse 10 times

By Tanya Clark 1:13 PM January 11, 2018
Daniel Bennett

A woman became distraught after finding evidence in her barn that someone was sexually assaulting her horse, according to police in Alabama.

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 18-year-old Daniel Bennett of Irvington after being accused of having sex with the woman’s horse about 10 times.

Bennett has been charged with bestiality, possession of burglar’s tools, sexual misconduct, and criminal trespassing.

He was booked into the Mobile Metro Courthouse, pending a bail hearing.

According to the police investigation, the owner of the horse, Francine Janes, and her husband became concerned after finding evidence of someone breaking into their barn and sexually assaulting their 20-year-old horse named Polly.

Janes said that she kept finding used toilet paper and other more disturbing evidence she did not wish to disclose.

On Thursday night, Janes and her husband woke up to the sound of their dogs barking.

The husband, who was not identified, armed himself with a gun and went into the barn.

He found Bennett hiding inside the barn next to Polly.

Bennett told the man he liked horses.

The husband held Bennett down at gunpoint until police arrived.

Bennett admitted to being sexually involved with the horse 7 to 10 times.