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Teen buys explosive device to kill his parents because they did not like his girlfriend

By Emily Lewis 4:53 AM January 14, 2018
Gurtej Randhawa

A teenager who was accepted into a top university to practice medicine ruined his career after he tried to kill his parents because they did not like his new girlfriend.

19-year-old Gurtej Singh Randhawa of Wolverhampton, England, was arrested after ordering a remotely controlled explosive device from the dark web.

Birmingham Crown Court heard that Randhawa ordered the device after his mother discovered he was having a relationship with a girl she did not like.

Authorities intercepted the package, removed the explosives, and placed other items inside. They allowed the shipment to continue and saw who collected the package.

When Randhawa took the package and removed the items from the box, he was arrested.

Randhawa pleaded guilty to attempting to import explosives. He was also found guilty of maliciously possessing an explosive substance with intent to endanger life.

The Birmingham Crown Court heard that Randhawa, who was an A-level student, had accepted an offer to study medicine at Liverpool University.

He wanted to share an apartment with his girlfriend at the university but his parents did not allow him to do so.

During sentencing, Justice Cheema-Grubb told Randhawa: “I have no doubt that this offense was motivated by your desire to live with your girlfriend and attend university together.”

Randhawa was sentenced to 8 years in prison.