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Teen stabs his former girlfriend and has sex with her dead body 3 times because she refused to have sex with him

By William Martin 2:01 PM January 25, 2018
Artyom Iskhakov and Tatiana Strakhova

A teenager who stabbed his former girlfriend and had sex with her dead body documented his crimes in a suicide note to his parents, according to police in Russia.

Moscow police said that they launched an investigation after Artyom Iskhakov and Tatiana Strakhova, both 19, were found dead at an apartment.

Iskhakov attended the Bauman University while Strakhova studied at the Higher School of Economics, which is a part of the National Research University.

Iskhakov and Strakhova dated for some time but she refused to have sex with him.

Eventually, Strakhova ended her relationship with Iskhakov but they remained roommates.

Strakhova moved on with her life and began dating another man named Igor.

Iskhakov became very jealous.

He obsessively thought about having sex with Strakhova.

One night, when Strakhova came home, Iskhakov attacked her because she refused to drink with him.

After she passed out, Iskhakov had sex with her.

In a suicide note that he wrote to his parents, Iskhakov explained that he slit Strakhova’s throat after feeling her heart beating.

He then had sex with her again.

Iskhakov stabbed Strakhova several times after feeling her heartbeat.

He then went to eat a sandwich and fell asleep.

He woke up several hours later and had sex with the dead body again.

Iskhakov told his parents that Strakhova’s body was cold as her heart always was.

Iskhakov then began having second thoughts about what he did.

He told his parents that he would never be able to atone for his sins so he decided to end his life.

He apologized to his parents and to the family of Strakhova, saying that he had to kill her because he could not stop thinking about having sex with her.

Iskhakov then committed suicide by hanging himself.