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Teen survives being shot in head by stepfather who killed her mother and himself while being investigated for having sex with minor

By Mason White 9:57 AM January 17, 2018
David, Lisa, and Dewey Somers

A teenager was the only one who survived a murder-suicide inside a car.

Despite a traumatic injury to her head, 18-year-old Amedy Dewey, who police said was shot by her stepfather along the I-96 in Grand Rapids, Michigan survived and is recovering.

Dewey was the only survivor of the apparent murder-suicide on Saturday, at around 9:30 p.m.

Investigators believe that her stepfather, David Somers, 50, shot the teenager and her mother, Lisa Somers, 50, before turning the gun on himself.

Both David and Lisa died at the scene. Dewey was taken to a hospital with serious injuries to the head and face.

Doctors said that Dewey’s brain was not injured in the shooting and that the most lasting impact will be physical damage to her face. The teenager will need reconstructive surgery to her face.

Dewey has communicated with her family by writing. Her family said that she cried after learning that her mother has died.

Ionia County investigators have not revealed a possible motive behind the shooting but details about what was happening in David Somers’ life have emerged since the incident.

Family members said that he was being treated for a brain tumor and multiple sources confirmed that he was being investigated by the police for having a relationship with a minor.