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Thief sues store owner after cutting his testicles during robbery

By Emily Lewis 12:50 PM January 15, 2018
(Man holding his scrotum (illustration)

The owner of a shop in Ireland was shocked to receive a letter demanding compensation for a thief who injured himself during a robbery.

The shop owner who identified himself as Kevin from County Cavan said that the trouble began when three armed robbers broke into his business.

The robbers collected a lot of items from the shelves and placed them in bags.

Luckily, a neighbor walked past the shop and noticed the robbery in progress.

The neighbor called the police who arrived at the scene just as the robbers were leaving the store.

The robbers panicked and began running.

One of the robbers tripped on something in the store and fell.

As a result, his scrotum ripped open.

He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors stitched him up.

The three robbers were eventually arrested and charged with robbery.

They were found guilty and sentenced to serve 6 months in jail.

However, the sentence was suspended for 2 years if they stayed out of trouble.

One of the robbers committed another crime and was jailed for two years.

Now, the shop owner received a letter from a lawyer, informing him that the robber who injured his private parts is seeking compensation.

The robber filed a lawsuit against the shop and claimed that the owner was responsible for the injury he suffered during the robbery.