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Three teens killed store owner for refusing to sell cigarette papers without ID

By Tanya Clark 8:22 AM January 9, 2018
Vijay Patel

A store owner lost his life when he followed the law and demanded ID from teens who wanted to buy cigarette papers.

49-year-old Vijay Patel of London, England, was punched and suffered a fatal head injury when he fell to the ground in his Mill Hill convenience store.

So far, police have arrested one 16-year-old boy, who has not been named to due to his age, on a charge of murder.

The incident unfolded when the three teenagers entered Patel’s convenience store at around 11:45 p.m. on Saturday and asked an employee for Rizla cigarette papers.

The employee asked for ID to prove that they were over 18 years old.

The teens were unable to provide ID and they became aggressive towards the employee. Patel came to the aid of his employee and he was attacked and punched.

The teens then fled the scene. Both Patel and his employee were taken to a hospital.

The employee suffered minor injuries, but Patel, a father of 2 children, died the next day.

Patel and his family moved to Britain from India in 2006 to seek a better life.

Inspector Ian Lott of the Homicide and Major Crimes Command said: “A man has lost his life for no other reason than trying to defend the law.”