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Top member of German far-right party converts to Islam

By Alexis Bell 8:17 AM January 29, 2018
Arthur Wagner

A prominent member of the far-right political party in Germany resigned from his position before announcing that he has converted to Islam.

When 48-year-old Arthur Wagner handed in his resignation to the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in Brandenburg, he cited “personal reasons,” Andreas Kalbitz, AfD’s chairman, said.

Wagner was part of the party’s executive committee before he resigned. After leaving his position, Wagner announced that he had converted to Islam.

This came as a shock to the world, as the AfD party is known for their anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant stance.

Some of their election campaign posters and pamphlets are anti-Muslim. One of those read: “Stop Islamization,” along with a photo of three women wearing burqas.

Wagner had shared this view in the past and he has accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of making a “huge mistake” by allowing so many Muslim refugees into the country.

Wagner reportedly said that bringing in so many refugees is causing “Germany to mutate into a different country.”

Wagner refused to comment on his decision to convert to Islam other than saying that it was a “private matter.”

The father of 2 children is now spending his time doing volunteer work for the Muslim immigrant community.