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U.S. postal worker stole people’s credit cards from mail before going on shopping spree with police officer girlfriend

By Mason White 8:05 AM January 28, 2018
Naquan Wilson and Shantavia Davis

People in New York were shocked to learn that a postal worker stole credit cards from people’s mail.

According to police in Long Island, 28-year-old Naquan Wilson was arrested at his job at the Garden City post office on Franklin Avenue.

Police found 6 credit cards in Wilson’s possession at the time of his arrest.

So far, Wilson, who lives in New Jersey, is accused of stealing at least 30 credit cards. Police are now looking for other victims.

Wilson stole the credit cards from the mail and managed to activate them by paying with cryptocurrency bitcoin on the dark web for information he needed of the people whose credit cards he stole.

He then went on shopping sprees and bought luxury items and took out cash advances.

Store employees at a mall said that Wilson, who drives a Maserati, was known as the “The Sock Man” because he pulled out credit cards from a sock when paying for his purchases.

According to police, Wilson was not alone when he went on the luxury shopping sprees.

His girlfriend, Shantavia Davis, 33, also bought herself designer goods such as handbags and shoes.

Davis, a New York police officer, worked as an NYPD school safety officer at the time of her arrest.

The two, who have a 9-year-old daughter together, were arrested.

Officers who carried out a search at Wilson’s house said that they found nearly $30,000 in cash, handguns, and designer goods.