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United Airlines flight makes emergency landing 3 hours after all toilets on board became filled to capacity

By Tanya Clark 1:11 PM January 22, 2018
United Airlines flight (illustration)

Passengers on a United Airlines flight from Colorado to Hawaii are angry after the plane’s toilets were locked for many hours.

United Airlines officials have announced that they are offering a $200 voucher and 10,000 bonus points to all of those who were on the flight from Denver to Lihue.

The incident unfolded on United Airlines Flight 1219, which departed from Denver on Sunday, at around 11:30 a.m.

Rich and Kristin Anderson said that they were traveling to Hawaii to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

About three hours into the 7-hour flight, Rich got up to use the bathroom.

When he reached a lavatory, he noticed that it was locked.

In fact, all the toilets were locked because they had filled to capacity.

Officials said that for some reason, the toilets were not serviced in Denver.

Despite being three hours away from Hawaii, the pilot turned around and made an emergency landing in San Francisco.

The passengers were extremely angry with this decision as it took three hours to get to San Francisco and it would have taken the same time to get to Hawaii.

The toilets were cleaned in San Francisco.

The plane then continued its way to Hawaii without incident.

The 7-hour flight ended up taking 16 hours.

Kristin said that the $200 voucher is inadequate as her vacation was ruined.

There were many elderly people and young children on board who had to use the toilet but had to wait three hours until the plane landed in San Francisco.