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Vegan activists storm steakhouse and hold protest to stop diners from eating meat

By Alexis Bell 11:41 AM January 31, 2018
Vegan protesters storm restaurant

Diners who were enjoying their meal at a steakhouse were interrupted by a group of vegans who tried to convince them to stop eating meat.

However, according to videos uploaded to the Internet, people seemed to ignore their message.

Some people continued eating their meal while others took out their cameras and recorded the protest.

The group of vegans stormed the Rare Steakhouse in Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday evening.

About 35 men and women entered the establishment with signs and microphones. The group then chanted their slogans.

Their actions caused a firestorm on social media. Some vegans claimed that the stunt “hurt the cause” and made the group “look stupid.”

Rare Steakhouse said that they only sell ethically responsible meats.