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Wanna-be rapper robs restaurant to get noticed by owner Rick Ross who is also a rapper

By Tanya Clark 10:01 AM January 17, 2018
Cedric Miller and Rick Ross

A man who was looking to advance his career decided to rob a restaurant in order to get the attention from a well-known rapper.

23-year-old Cedric Miller of Tennessee managed to get the attention of the owner, rapper Rick Ross.

However, he did not do it the right way and he will likely never get to work with his idol after traumatizing his employees.

Ross owns about 30 Wingstop restaurants.

Miller and an accomplice went into the Wingstop restaurant on Union Avenue in Memphis.

Recently installed surveillance video showed one man holding a gun while the other jumped the counter and demanded money.

The men then left without taking anything. General Manager Elma Allen said that all three employees who were working at the restaurant at the time were so scared that they all ran away.