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Woman arrested for stealing boy’s iPod at a supermarket

By Alexis Bell 5:36 AM January 5, 2018
Police return the Ipod to the victim and Nancy Carrizal

A woman is being shamed for stealing an iPod from a boy at a Publix supermarket in Florida.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office released a video of the woman stealing the phone and asked the public to help them identify her.

Police said that a boy was shopping with his mother.

When his mother was paying for her groceries, the boy placed his iPod on the counter and went to “weigh himself on one of those big green Toledo scales.” He totally forgot to grab his iPod, police said.

The iPod was sitting on the counter below the credit card machine when the suspect saw it. She grabbed it, got her receipt, and walked away.

When the boy realized he was missing the iPod, he returned to the store and asked the suspect if she saw his iPod. She said “no,” according to police.

Officers received tips from people who identified the suspect as 26-year-old Nancy Carrizal of Lakeland.

She was charged her with petit theft and tampering with evidence. Her bail was set at $1,500.

Police recovered the iPod and returned it to the boy. To his shock, the woman had wiped the iPod clean and reset it back to its factory settings.

The sad boy said that he had photos of himself with his grandfather who recently passed away on the iPod.

Police said that their team of detectives are working with Apple to try to retrieve the victim’s photos and videos.