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Woman barged into bathroom and shot at her husband who was sitting on toilet to make him listen to her

By Emily Lewis 8:34 AM January 9, 2018
Linda Jean Fahn

A woman was arrested after using violence to male her husband listen to her.

69-year-old Linda Jean Fahn of Arizona was accused of shooting her husband who was sitting on the toilet in the bathroom.

Goodyear police received a call from a man who said his wife was shooting him. Thankfully, he was not hit and he managed to escape from the home.

The man reportedly told police that his wife of 32 years was upset and that she had been screaming at him a lot for the past 2 days.

He said that his wife barged into the bathroom while he was sitting on the toilet and she fired two shots in his direction.

Fahn told the police that she fired two bullets into the wall over her his head “to make him listen to her.”

Police estimated that the shots were fired about seven inches above the man’s head while he was slouching on the toilet.

Fahn has been charged with aggravated assault.