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Woman disfigured her own face with acid before stumbling into store asking for help claiming random attack

By Tanya Clark 4:57 AM January 14, 2018
Lizzie Dunn

A woman in New York was rushed to a hospital after suffering injuries to her face.

The woman stumbled into a deli shop in Arden Heights, Staten Island, and asked employees to call 911.

52-year-old Lizzie Dunn told police that a black woman in her 40s came up to her and asked for money and a cigarette.

When she ignored the woman, Dunn claimed the suspect threw sulfuric acid in her face.

Dunn suffered second-degree burns on her scalp and the left side of her face.

Police began searching for a female suspect. They also placed signs, warning people of the danger and urging them to be vigilant.

However, police determined that Dunn’s account of the events did not add up. When she was confronted by detectives, Dunn admitted that she lied about the attack.

Dunn admitted that she sprayed her own face with the acid. She is being treated at the Staten Island University Hospital North.