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Woman records herself performing sex acts on her dog with whipped cream

By Emily Lewis 8:02 AM January 11, 2018
Suzy Cairns

A woman in the United Kingdom was ordered to register as a sex offender after police found disturbing photos and videos.

The police cyber crime unit were alerted to an IP address that was downloading child porn images.

Police tracked to IP address to 39-year-old Suzy Cairns of Livingston. Detectives went to her home and confiscated her electronic devices.

Detectives told the court that they found photos on her phone, showing children being sexually abused.

In addition to those, detectives said they found an extreme bestiality video, showing Cairns engaging in sexual activity with her own dog.

The video showed Cairns using whipped cream in her sexual encounter with the dog, a black Labrador, according to police.

Cairns pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing pornographic material. She was ordered to register as a sex offender immediately and her sentence was deferred for background reports.