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Woman removes her clothes during funeral demanding money she was owed by deceased man

By Emily Lewis 8:16 AM January 1, 2018
Wasu Mai Runga at the gravesite

A woman caused a scene during a funeral after removing her clothes and demanding money, which she claimed was owed to her by the deceased man.

The woman who was identified as Wasu Mai Runga stripped naked and she ran the cemetery, where she screamed and demanded money from mourning family members.

Runga also sat down next to the open grave and blocked the family members from lowering the coffin.

In a video of the incident that has gone viral, the woman is seen banging on the coffin in an attempt to get his family to pay his debt.

The family did not give Runga any money. A woman eventually managed to cover her up and escorted Runga away from the area so that the man can be laid to rest.