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Woman shocked to wake up and find snake cuddling with her in bed

By Emily Lewis 12:25 PM January 9, 2018
Snake in woman's bed

A woman in Australia panicked after waking up in middle of the night and finding a long snake sleeping next to her in bed.

Stuart McKenzie, who works for The Snake Catcher 24/7 in Sunshine Coast said that the woman immediately called him to come to her home and get rid of the snake.

McKenzie wrote: “I was sent this photo by one of my followers yesterday. She had a resident python that lived in the roof at her home just outside of Eumundi for a while and she would see it from time to time.

“The snake would always go back up into the roof after a few minutes. However, last night, she woke to find the snake curled up in the bed with her at 3:00 a.m. Crazy. Snakes don’t want to hurt us, but sometimes, they just want to snuggle.”

The woman uploaded the photo of the snake in her bed on Facebook, where it went viral.
McKenzie warns people who like to leave their windows open for air to install sturdy screens to keep reptiles outside.

Andrea Mifsud wrote: “My house would have been up for sale less than an hour later.”

Pamela Ankney wrote: “Snakes don’t bother me at all. However, I’m not fond of spooning with them. I am pretty sure my husband would have to peel me off the ceiling.”

Ruth Mortimer wrote: “I can think of worse things to wake up to. At least a snake has beautiful smooth scales.”