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Woman who stole ‘OK To Be White’ notes from podium before speech banned from campus

By Alexis Bell 1:14 PM January 24, 2018
Catherine Gregory

A white woman who did not like the views of a speaker she deemed racist made a deal with prosecutors.

33-year-old Catherine Gregory was arrested after she stole notes from a right-wing commentator as he was getting ready to give a speech at the University of Connecticut.

Gregory grabbed the notes from the podium as Lucian Wintrich was preparing to give his speech.

UConn College Republicans invited Wintrich to deliver a speech called “It’s Okay To Be White.”

Gregory believed that the speech was racist and she wanted to stop him from speaking.

Wintrich reacted by grabbing Gregory as he tried to retrieve his notes. Officers at the scene chose to arrest Wintrich on a charge of breach of peace.

The misdemeanor charge against him was later dropped. Wintrich denied that his speech was racist.

Gregory was also arrested. She was placed on paid leave from her job as advisor at Quinebaug Valley Community College.

In a plea deal with prosecutors, Gregory agreed to a one-year ban from the campus and she will donate $500 to the UConn human rights center.

In exchange, State Attorney Matthew Gedansky agreed to drop the disorderly conduct and attempt to commit larceny charges against Gregory. He called it “an appropriate resolution of the case.”

Gregory’s lawyer, Jon Schoenhorn, said she looks forward to continuing her opposition to fascism and the alt-right.