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Woman tells police that she and her boyfriend had sexual contact with a baby

By Tanya Clark 8:23 AM January 25, 2018
Ruth Cruz and Eddie Cox

A man and her boyfriend were arrested after the woman told police that they sexually violated a baby.

Police were called to a home on the 500 block of Fulton Street in Ohio over a domestic violence incident.

While investing the case, police said 41-year-old Ruth Cruz told officers that she and her boyfriend, Eddie Cox, 46, had “sexual contact” with a girl under two years old at their home.

Detective Kevin Youskievicz said that evidence of the crime was collected from phones belonging to Cruz and Cox.

Youskievicz said that Sandusky police will work with federal authorities to investigate the couple to determine if there are any other victims.

“We’ve asked assistance from the FBI to analyze the cell phones,” Youskievicz said.

According to the police, the girl does not live with the couple and is now with her family.

Cruz and Cox were arrested and charged with rape. They are being held at the Erie County Jail without bail.