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Young woman launches GoFundMe to raise money for surgery to reduce size 32k breasts

By William Martin 2:47 PM January 28, 2018
Jasmin-Alexandra Vlassi

A young woman in Scotland said that she began getting death threats after launching a campaign to raise money for a breast reduction procedure.

20-year-old Jasmin-Alexandra Vlassi of Stonehouse began suffering back pain when she was a teenager as her breasts grew large and larger.

Vlassi currently has size 32k breasts and she is raising money on GoFundMe to have a reduction procedure at the clinic of her choice.

However, her plan did not go down well with the general public and she is being bullied online.

One person sent her message that she should die while another wished that the doctor should chop her up during the surgery.

A third commenter said he would like to punch her in the throat for using public funds for a breast reduction procedure.

The total cost of the breast reduction surgery is $10,000.

Vlassi, who works as a customer service agent, said that at times, she struggles to breathe.

At 13-year-old, her breast size ballooned to 32DD and she was embarrassed in school.

Recently, as she was preparing for the breast reduction procedure, she suffered from panic attacks and sudden bouts of crying in public as a result of the relentless bullying.

On GoFundMe, Vlassi wrote: “Hey everyone. I have always hesitated to make one of these pages as I know there are people that deserve the help so much more. I thought this was worth a try as I’m not the richest of the bunch.

“I have had to make the choice to go private to receive a breast reduction I have longed for since I was young. I won’t write my sob story as I don’t want to bore anyone. I would love if anyone could spare even a tiny amount to help towards the cost.

“I have a 1,000-pound ($1,417) deposit to pay and the other few thousand I will be able to pay up later. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if anyone has any questions or anything, please send a message.”

On Facebook, Vlassi wrote: “After eight years of struggling to breathe, to move, to do certain activities, settling for clothing that just ‘doesn’t fit,’ unwanted comments, and feeling so worthless that I believed all I was good for was two lumps on my chest, I am finally getting the chance to change my life. I am so happy. I’ve wanted this so long.

“I am sad to be giving up some very amazing things in my life for a while as I’ll need time to heal but I know this is the right decision and I can’t believe it’s finally real after years of being told ‘No.’ I can’t wait to finally feel comfortable in my own body.”