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Zookeeper killed after panther slashed his throat while feeding it

By Mason White 12:05 PM January 4, 2018
Black panther (illustration)

A zookeeper in Russia lost his life while feeding a wild animal, according to police.

Moscow police said that they have launched an investigation after a panther slit the throat of the zookeeper while the wild beast was being fed.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old zookeeper entered the cage containing 10 wild animals at a private zoo belonging to a wealthy businessman, who is the general manager of Business Aero Airlines.

While feeding the animals, the black panther charged at him.

The animal mauled him and slit open his throat.

The black panther then escaped from the zoo and roamed around freely in the streets of Moscow until animal control officers caught it several hours later.

The panther was returned to the businessman.

The businessman, who was identified as Sergey Knyaginichev, said that he will not euthanize the animal because the zookeeper was not supposed to be in the cage feeding the animals.

Neighbors of the wealthy businessman expressed their outrage, saying that he has no right to keep wild predators in a residential neighborhood.

Some said that they wished the panther had killed its owner rather than the innocent zookeeper.