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13-year-old girl left brain dead after trying to commit suicide because teacher accused her of stealing cell phone

By Mason White 7:26 AM February 2, 2018
Father holding a photo of Vasantha Priya

A couple is seeking justice against a teacher who left their daughter so distraught that she hanged herself.

13-year-old Vasantha Priya of Malaysia attempted suicide after being accused of stealing her teacher’s phone.

The girl’s father found her hanging and removed the shawl from her neck. The girl was rushed to the Seberang Jaya Hospital, where she was declared brain dead and is on life support.

According to the family, the girl’s teacher called her into a room for questioning after accusing the child of stealing her phone.

The teacher’s husband threatened to file a police report against her if she did not admit to stealing the iPhone 6.

The teacher allegedly did not allow her to eat or go to the bathroom during the 5 hours that she was locked in the room.

When Priya maintained her innocence, the teacher and her husband took her home to discuss the theft with her parents.

When they arrived at her home, the teenager ran straight to her room while her parents and the couple tried to “sort things out.”

After some time, the father went to her room in order to speak with his daughter but he found her hanging from a shawl on an air conditioner pipe.

She was unconscious but alive. Sadly, doctors did not have much hope for her and she was declared brain dead.

The father also found a suicide note in the girl’s room, which read: “Teacher, I did not take your phone.” The note stated her farewells to her parents and grandmother.

Malaysian Tamilar Kural secretary Satees Muniandy said that they are giving moral support to the family. Muniandy said that “we will ensure the girl gets justice.”

Kural posted photos to Facebook, showing himself and others visiting the girl’s family at the hospital to show their support.