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15 fetuses found abandoned in hospital that was being demolished

By Mason White 5:56 AM February 11, 2018

Workers who were hired to demolish a building were shocked to find fetuses that have been abandoned.

The police in Japan are asking people to come forward with information that can help them identify the bodies.

Authorities in Kagoshima were alerted to the 15 fetuses that were found inside bottles, which were filled with formaldehyde.

The discovery was made inside a dilapidated hospital, which specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

It had been closed for about 20 years ago.

Due to the state of the fetuses, the sexes are unknown, but they are believed to have been aborted or miscarried between 12 and 31 weeks of pregnancy.

The doctor who ran the clinic is no longer alive, according to the police.

Authorities have investigated the matter and are asking people to come forward if they used the hospital.

The fetuses will be buried in a government-run cemetery.